About Naomi Simpson

Naomi Simpson Astrologer I've been interested in Astrology since I was a small child, but it wasn't until I had my first astrological birth chart reading done by a professional astrologer that I realized what an amazing tool astrology offers for self discovery

Since then, I've been deeply devoting myself to learning the language of Astrology for my own development, and to bring it to others.  I have studied with renown professional astrologers like Debra Silverman , Rebecca Gordon , and Malika Semper to learn how to interpret the wisdom of the cosmos so that I can share it with you. 

The path of knowing myself more deeply has led me to study esoteric spirituality, including Yoga, Mantra, Reiki Level 1, animal communication, BodyTalk Access and more. I have been a certified Mukti Yoga teacher since 2009.

My traditional education includes a BA (Honours) from Queens University, my Certified Human Resources Professional designation (CHRP) from the HRPAO, my Coaching Practitioner Certification from TAC, and a Certificate in Bilingualism (English and French).

I approach consultations and coaching with empathy and compassion, unlocking the lessons of the chart to help you on your life's journey. 

Not sure where to start?  To give you a sense of how we might work together, try my Twenty Minute Transformation for only $20!