So, do you want to hear the rest of the story?

After my last post, I got lots of feedback from people who appreciated that I had been open and shared a personal story.  Especially one with a pretty hefty dose of heartbreak. 

But I had a dissenting opinion from a close friend of mine, who was concerned that I was still bleeding energy to this situation by continuing to engage with it.  I value her input and since she is an energy worker, I take what she has to say about the health of my energy very seriously!  And I realized that in this situation, I was finally speaking from the scar, not the wound.

Big Difference!

Thanks to the perspective that time usually brings, I can now look back on my Camino encounter with true gratitude for an experience of such amazing and adventurous love.

Thanks to astrology, I can now look back on my Camino encounter and understand what underlying themes in both of our charts created an experience of such amazing and adventurous love!  Was it written in the stars?  You betcha!

There is a wonderful branch of astrology called Synastry or Relationship AstrologyWhen applied, I study how two different charts interact together, showing the effortless ease in the partnership, as well as areas of challenge.  Synastry readings are great to understand the dynamics between partners, parents and kids, friends and even work relationships.

Wish I’d known about this stuff before I started dating 🙂😂😭

Ah well, better late than never!

So, curious what the stars said about mein liebe from Deutschland?  He lit up my 5th House of Love and Fun like the Griswald’s house at Christmas!  I couldn’t have resisted those lederhosen if I had tried!

Big takeaway for me?  Always get someone’s birth details before the second date!

Wishing you lots of love and fun,


PS-Want to hear the rest of the story?  Check out my recent podcast interview with El Camino People here.

PPS-Worried that you may be bleeding energy where you don’t want it going?  I have a friend who can help!  You can visit her online here.

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