Here's what some of our clients have said:

“Together with my two adult daughters, we spent a relaxing, highly enjoyable "magical" Retreat Day with Naomi.  Our natural love of animals and nature enhanced our joy at being at Naomi’s farm, and we all appreciated her knowledgeable and really helpful insights for our astrology readings.  I highly recommend this experience!” -Vivienne Hansford

"I had my first birth chart reading done by Naomi and the experience was incredible!  I learned about new aspects of myself both positive and negative that I hadn't realized or thought about before.  The reading was amazingly accurate and thought provoking and I highly recommend the experience.  Naomi is incredibly knowledgeable in astrology, is an amazing speaker and was very patient in explaining the reading.  She is very passionate about her work and provided me with lots of insight and helpful advice about my life's journey.  Thank you so much Naomi!"  - Julia Vousden Ruhl

"I received a solar return horoscope from Naomi again this year.  It is so wonderful with how much knowledge and sensitivity and commitment the horoscope is created by Naomi.  I am thrilled every time and a real fan.  Thank you very much for that."  - Ulrike Engelhardt, Marketing Consultant and NLP Master Coach - Germany

"It can feel daunting to take a look at yourself, to really and truly look. Naomi creates a safe and welcoming space for this personal exploration in her Relationship Riches Coaching. A skilled coach, Naomi gently but firmly keeps you accountable to your goals and to yourself. I enjoyed the variety of ways we used to look within each week: meditation, sharing, creative activities and journal exercises. My biggest take-away was a deeper understanding of myself, both Light and Shadow aspects, as well as a greater appreciation of how to use journaling to uncover hidden truths. From a place of knowing, you can begin to create lasting change." - Angela Clouse

"Naomi is extremely warm and easy to talk to!  I trusted her instantly with my birth chart, and I consider myself to be very selective when it comes to choosing people to look into my astrology!  It was clear to me from the outset that she had spent extensive time reading my chart and preparing notes specific to me beforehand.  She was absolutely professional, and also heartfelt in the time we spent together.  Naomi goes above and beyond!  After our call, I felt the warm feeling you have when someone gives you an accurate and helpful reading, and I already look forward to the next time!"  - Zoe Torres, Readings By Zoe 

"Naomi's reading was: accurate, insightful, delivered with context that was relevant to me, and explained in simple English that was easy to understand.  I have added Naomi's sessions to my existing resource kit, which helps me navigate life in harmony with the flows of nature and the cosmos."  - Dave Huff, Certified Body Talk Practitioner

"Relationship Riches is truly a safe and encouraging place to discover your own deep truths.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Cindy V

“With no experience of astrology I was completely surprised at the accuracy of events in my past as well as the correlation to the course I am on.  Naomi’s reading gave me great insight to myself as well as what’s to come. I am forever grateful!  What greater gift is there than insight to one's self.”  - Melissa Joisten, Registered Nurse & Entrepreneur

"Naomi was great at explaining my first ever astrological birth chart reading.  As a newbie to astrological readings and terminology, Naomi was patient with me and broke things down so that I could understand every part of my reading.  She spent a lot of time with me, and gave me a better understanding of myself as a person, going into my past and into my present state.  If you want to gain some more insight about who you are as a person, your career and your life's path, see Naomi!" - Melanie L.  

"As an Astrologer, I found Naomi's reading for me to be refreshing and enlightening.  Her bubbly personality shines through.  She pointed out aspects that I often overlook in my own chart.  Her reading reminded me of what my true soul purpose and calling is.  I loved it and would highly recommend her services."  - Kimberly McGrath, Astrologer, Expressions of the Universe 

"Naomi read my chart to provide reflection on my past and prepare for my future.  Her reading was accurate and provided clarity about past events at certain times in my life, according to planetary aspects and transits.  Her advice for preparing for the future was given in a positive and loving way.  I would recommend Naomi Simpson Astrology to anyone who is looking for some answers about their past and is ready to embrace their future in an enlightened and positive way."  - Laura W. 

 "Thank you to Naomi for the insightful reading. It helped me to gain some new perspective about myself and encouraged me to be introspective about who I am and the life events that have shaped me.  Naomi’s reading was thorough and detailed and all in the comfort of my very own living room! I would highly recommend it!"  - BH

 "I have known Naomi for several years.  I have always appreciated her sincere interest in the well being of other people and her commitment to truthfulness.  The reading was very comprehensive.  Her descriptions were easy to understand and she answered my questions patiently and clearly.  I was so pleased, I have arranged a reading with Naomi for my sister!"  - Wayne Callan 

"My Astrology reading was very interesting and informative.  Afterwards, I was sent a recording and some links for further research.  I would highly recommend you try it!"  - J. Vincent

"Naomi has a calm, compassionate, and pragmatic approach. The goal for which I was seeking guidance is an incredibly personal and sensitive matter, and she immediately put me at ease. Naomi was very patient when I would struggle to pinpoint why this particular goal was so important to me. Naomi was able to lay it all out in an easy to execute model, with suggestions I never even thought of."  - Janet Perry, RHN, CSNC