You got to know when to hold 'em!

You got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em

Knowing when to follow Kenny Rogers’ timeless advice is not my strong suit, just ask my bridge partner, Catherine!  Go to game with a minor suit on an overcall bid?  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Sometimes the strong fixed energy in my birth chart has me holding on so tight to things, I can’t feel my fingers 😬

So maybe that’s why the past two years have felt like a literal masterclass in learning to let go.  Just when things seemed almost ready for me to wrap them up and tie them neatly with a beautiful bow, THWACK! my hands got slapped away, again and again.  Ouch!

You’ve heard the story of my German fairytale taking a decidedly “Grimm” turn 😂😜, but have I told you about how my thriving pet services business came to a pandemic induced halt, literally overnight?  Covid definitely gave me nausea last year.  All kidding aside, when the dog sh*t hit the fan, I freaked out!  I did some serious pivoting (or was that panicking?) and reinventing to try to keep the lights on in the dog hotel. 

Well, did it work?

Yes it did, thankfully.  But looking back, I sure expended a lot of energy to earn a little money.  I felt tremendous pressure to push and grind to replace the lost income from all of my cancelled bookings by offering different services and promotions.  It took me MONTHS to realize that all of the hustle wasn’t producing substantial results.  The pandemic and ensuing restrictions were completely out of my control, and yet, what I could control, my response to the situation, was coming from a place of fear and reactivity. 

So I tapped into the strong mutable energy of my chart to balance out my tenacious Scorpio stellium and I let go.  I actually began to enjoy the break from the routine which I’ve had for over 18 years and took the opportunity to rest and reset and enjoy the smaller groups of daycare guests who came to visit Monday through Friday.  The shift in routine also enabled me to tend to some important family needs.  

I reminded myself of my resilience and cultivated trust that what is meant for me will not pass me by.  I surrendered to the flow. 

And guess what?  The phone started to ring again and slowly but surely, my four legged guests began to return.

Eclipse season brings surprises.  Relationships, things, pets and people come and go unexpectedly.  It’s a time when the universe really tests our ability to remain open and flexible and this eclipse season definitely did that for me.  Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Capricorn officially closes this eclipse portal; what are you releasing along with it?

Knowing ourselves and recognizing when we are slipping into unhealthy patterns and then choosing differently helps us to live with greater ease.  I’d like some more of that, please🙋🏻‍♀️ Astrology is an amazing system to help us identify these blind spots, as well as our effortless gifts, so that we can tap into our strong fixed energy when we need to commit and get things done and we can also call on our mutable flexibility when life is unpredictable.

The Capricorn Full Moon is on the rise overnight, lighting up the axis of how we balance home and family with the demands of our career and calling.  The dynamic push and pull between our inner and outer authority.  The Moon is getting some wonderful help and support from lucky Jupiter as it dips backwards out of the spiritual waters of Pisces.  If you’d like to know what part of your life is coming into the Capricorn spotlight, I’d love to be your guide🙏❤️

Full moon blessings and love,


And last but not least!  Looking for a new summer listen?  Check out some of the great conversations I’ve been having on my podcast!  This week’s release is an inspiring conversation with Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor and Mindfulness Coach, Edie Gudaitis.  Edie shows how surrendering helped her navigate loss and grief with grace.  Listen here

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