My South Node is in Leo, so creativity comes naturally to me!

"To thine own self be true."  My dad used to say this to me all of the time, and it is something which is so resonant for me at this stage of life. When we live true to ourselves, we have meaningful impact in the lives of those around us and that is how the world changes.  Grassroots human evolution.
I recently launched my own podcast, which explores what being true to yourself means for other people, how they live this and how this creates a ripple effect in their lives and communities.
I've been a podcast guest too!  Here is an episode where I tell my story of walking the Camino de Santiago in Portugal & Spain!   
My Year Ahead forecast has been featured on The Shaun Proulx Show on Sirius XM for 2022 and 2023!
My writing has been featured in print and online.  You can find a sample here        

I enjoy regular participation as a reader in my local public library's Play Reading productions and I've been performing as a choral singer for almost 20 years.